MZK Life 六款獨家設計水瓶「戀水。瓶」

材質: 竹蓋+高溫耐熱玻璃瓶

容量: 500ML

附送配件: 不鏽鋼茶隔、棉質洗水袋、 隔熱套

款式: 六款不同款式“好瓶”

-爸爸好瓶 #Dad Bottle:  “The world's greatest Dad”

-媽媽好瓶 #Mom Bottle: “Home is where mom is, you are the best Mom ever”

-良朋好 #Friends Bottle: “Best friends make the good times better and the hard time hard times easier”

-幸福好瓶 #Love Bottle: “You stole my heart, but I will let you keep it”

-活得好瓶 #Lifestyle Bottle: “Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle”

-信念好瓶 #Faith Bottle: “Faith can move mountains”